The products illustrated on these web pages are those that have proven to be well suited for the many fishing opportunities in America. However, we are always willing to provide any Alvey reel or accessory from the main catalog that draws your interest and will be happy to accept special orders. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Alvey fishing tackle.

Side Cast ReelSide Cast Reels

Since 1920 Alvey Side Cast Reels have offered the angler the efficiency and long distance casting of an open faced spool with the simplicity and durability of a centerpin revolving spool reel.

Surf ReelsSurf Reels

Alvey Side Cast Reels for surf casting are designed to withstand the damaging effects of saltwater and sand which can ruin your day and shortens the life of other type reels. The large spool diameter allows the line to come off faster with little friction for long casting distances.

Fly ReelsFly Reels

Alvey Fly Reels offer the features and durability you will need for heavy duty saltwater and salmon fly fishing, at a fraction of the cost of comparable reels.

Boat ReelsSaltwater Boat Reels

Alvey Boat Reels offer the simplicity and durability of a single action center pin reel. They are ruggedly constructed with large diameter spools and a 1:1 retrieve ratio for maximum power.

Fishing RodsFishing Rods

For a balanced outfit and optimum performance, we offer a selection of rods designed specifically for the Alvey Side Cast Reel.

Fishing AccessoriesFishing Accessories

A selection of fishing tackle accessories from Alvey Reels Australia.