The following are instructions for Surf Casting with the Alvey Side Cast Reel.

Click here for casting instructions for the Models 40BXL, 45BC and 500BCXL Side Cast Reels.

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Put your left-hand fingers on the spool lip and thumb on the release lever. The index finger will keep the line from coming off the spool. Press the lever and turn the spool.

Bring the spool a full quarter turn until the open faced casting position is reached.

Now swap the index finger holding the line with the thumb. Restrain the tline with the thumb against the spool. Some people use their finger to restrain the line but the thumb method is more comfortable and provides better control over the line release. The learning curve is short.

Hold the rod over your shoulder with the reels facing upward and the left arm held high. Stand with your body at a right angle to the eventual direction of the cast. Good balance and a firm footing are essential; your weight should be on the rear leg. The right hand should be gripping the rod blank at the point where you get maximum leverage for your size and the length rod being used. Allow a line drop of approximately 4 to 6 feet from the rod tip to absorb the shock of the cast. With the rod tip low to the ground the arc of swing will be maximized and more continuous power can be applied before the rod reaches the line release position. In other words, longer casts can be achieved.

To cast, punch hard with the right arm and pull downward with the left in one smooth continuous movement. Sufficient force should be used to have the rod well bent as the cast is made.

During the cast, transfer your body weight from the rear leg to the front leg to increase the power applied. Be sure not to exaggerate this movement and cause over balancing. Follow through, releasing the line, and aim the rod in the direction of the cast.

Finish of the casting action should have brought the rod butt beside the left leg, but clear of any clothing that may impede the stripping line.

As line is going out, brace the rod butt against your body and move your left hand to the base of the spool to control casting distances and to stop the line as soon as the bait or lure hits the water. Your right hand can now be slid down the rod to a more comfortable position.

When the cast is complete, turn the spoll back to the retrieve position, then hold the rod foregrip with your left hand, your right hand working the reel handle. The line can be slipped into the Alvey Open Runner (see page on Alvey style rods) to keep it close to your left forefinger for level winding onto the spool, for detecting bites or feeling the bottom contours.


Alvey Side Cast Reels are right hand retrieve for right handed anglers and are available on special order with left hand retrieve for left handed anglers. For left handed casting, reverse the hand and leg positions illustrated above. Always use a small swivel in front of your lure or bait rig to prevent line twist.