What is Sidecasting?

Sidecasting is a fishing system developed by Alvey Reels Australia in 1920 which combines the benefits of open faced casting with a revolving spool retrieve. The system includes the Alvey Side Cast Reel, a matching rod, a good quality monofilament or copolymer line, and a swivel located in front of the terminal tackle.

Does the Alvey Side Cast Reel require a special rod?

Alvey Side Cast Reels should be used with a matching rod that has a short butt grip, long foregrip for holding the rod in front of the reel, and the first guide located about halfway up the rod. Locating the reel behind the rod provides a balanced outfit and allows you to retrieve line (and fight a fish) with your reel arm relaxed at your side. Click Here for basic instructions for building a matching rod. The larger the diameter of the Side Cast Reel, the longer the rod should be. We offer a selection of matching rods and recommendations of lengths to use with the various model Side Cast Reels.

Does it take long to learn the Sidecasting technique?

There is a short learning curve but from our own experiences and reports from our customers you should become comfortable with the Sidecasting technique as illustrated on our web page after the first day of fishing. It also helps to practice cast in an open area before you use the reel on the water, but be careful of trees and overhead wires. The lure or casting weight is going to go farther than you expect. We also recommend that you do not completely fill the spool with line until you are satisfied with your casting ability.

What is an Alvey Open Runner?

The Alvey Open Runner is a small line guide that is open on one side to redirect the line closer to the hand holding the rod so that you can use your fingers to detect bites and level wind the line, if desired. You release the line from the guide to cast and slip it back in for the retrieve. All matching rods that we offer come with an Open Runner. Click Here for a close up illustration of the Alvey Open Runner and the proper mounting location.

Is the Alvey Side Cast Reel available with left hand retrieve?

Alvey Side Cast Reels are designed to be right hand retrieve for right handed casters but are also available on special order with left hand retrieve for left handed casters. You should not purchase a left hand retrieve Side Cast Reel if you are right handed. The release lever for turning the spool to the casting position will be on the wrong side. For the majority of anglers, it takes very little time getting used to using, and being comfortable with, the classic right hand retrieve design. Alvey does offer two Side Cast Reels, the Model 40BXL and the Model 500BC or BCXL, which is designed to be used either way.

Do Alvey Side Cast Reels cause line twist?

Open faced casting reels (Side Cast Reels, Spinning Reels, and Spin Cast Reels) put a half twist in every coil of line that comes off the spool when casting. Alvey addresses this problem, and other causes of line twist, by recommending the use of a small swivel in front of the terminal tackle. Ball bearing and bead chain swivels that are rated no more than twice the line test work best. In addition, the larger the diameter of the Alvey Side Cast Reel the less line twist because of the long length of line in each coil coming off the spool. Alvey Side Cast Reels do not cause line twist when the drag is being taken out, unlike spinning and spin cast reels. There are times when you will still get line twist due to strong currents and wave action. With the large line capacity of the Alvey reel you can remove the twisted length of line and still have more than enough capacity for the next outing.

Does the Alvey Boat Reel require a special rod?

The Alvey Boat Reel can be used with any boat rod that does not use roller guides. This is because the Alvey Boat Reel mounts underneath the rod for balance and comfort.

What kind of line do you use with the Alvey Boat Reel?

Alvey Boat Reels can be used with virtually any kind of fishing line, including monofilament, braided, lead core and wire lines. The large spool arbor prevents the line from being tightly coiled and there are no level wind mechanisms to be damaged. The narrow spool design minimizes the need for level winding.

Can the Alvey Fly Reel be used with any fly rod?

The Alvey Models 425B and 425BE Fly Reels are designed to be used with standard 10WT – 14WT fly rods. We are not aware of any problems with the reel foot not fitting the available fly rod reel seats.

What do I do if I need parts or service for my Alvey reel?

We have been providing parts and service for Alvey reels since 1980 and honor the Alvey Reels Australia guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. We will repair or replace your Alvey reel if you should ever experience a problem.

Do you ever have sales?

Yes! We routinely have sales on overstocked and discontinued items. Sign up for our Newsletter to be sure you are notified of special opportunities and be assured that there will be parts and service available for any discontinued reels for many years to come.

If Alvey reels have a 1 to 1 retrieve, can you catch fish that like a fast moving lure?

We have found that the 6 inch diameter and larger Alvey reels have a retrieve rate fast enough to attract a strike from even the fastest swimming fish.